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4.0 ( 5850 ratings )
Utilitaires Navigation
Développeur Karsten Rauer
4.99 USD

Service and setting of your GPS-Tracker without expenses and tiresome tip work!!!

Now owners of GPS-Tracker (TK5000, TK102 V3 & V6, SPT10) have the possibility to organize her machines in iPhone and to serve. And from every place no matter whether you are on vacation or just want to know where your GPS-Tracker just is. You can see the current position in Google Maps.

To use properly GPS-Tracker, settings must go will be often adapted (movement alarm, geo-fence, speed alarm, emergency call SOS, and a lot more).
Now this can be dealt with without typing of SMSn. The commands are set down in two to three Clicks. Who wants to place already to of a geo-fence type the following: stockade123456 51.891588,11.044272; 51.882,605,11.058879 for TK102 or
$WP+SETEVT=0000,96,1,51.891588,11.044272,1000,1,2 for TK5000?

All commands of the current track-version are included. For the first configuration you can use the following instructions:

One communicates about SMS with the machines. So, the App is to be recommended only for iPhone and owners by GPS-Trackern!